There are two types of petrol heads in the world. The first eat, breath, and sleep anything automotive. Their day generally starts with a check of their Instagram feed, which is full of car and truck accounts, and then a spirited drive to work. The rest of their day will be filled with thoughts and conversations about anything car related and another spirited drive home. Evenings will be spent at a car meet, in the garage, or online shopping for parts and reading info on other builds. The next day it all starts again. These are the signs of true car lovers.

The second type picks and chooses when they allow cars or trucks to be the center of their days. The respect and connection is missing from their lives. These people try to use vehicles as a way to be cool and fit in. It’s called posing and you need to stay away from this group at all costs. Trouble seems to revolve around members of this group because of their lack of respect. If you don’t want to be found guilty by association learn these 10 Tips For Spotting A Fake Gear Head.

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6. They Always Talk About The Cars They Used To Own
Fake gear heads will always chime in when you talk about a car you’d like to own. They will tell you that they owned one but won’t be able to give you any real information about it. These lies should stick out like a sore thumb especially if they aren’t a baller. These people will claim to have owned just about any car. Sometimes things get taken to the next level. A favorite line of a automotive poser is “A buddy of mine had, or has, one of those.” I thought people were supposed to outgrow imaginary friends?

5. They Know "Everything" About Cars
Many of these fakes will claim to know how to fix just about anything on a car but when it comes time to turn a wrench they will make up tons of excuses of why they can’t do it. When you call them out on their BS they will use even more excuses to try and wiggle out of backing up what they claim. These people will also tell tall tales about extensive builds they have done but will never have any proof of the finished product.

source: 305insider
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