Some enthusiasts find pleasure in showing off their ride at cars and coffee on Saturdays, or taking it to an auto show for their chance at some trophies and fame. Others like hitting the track on weekends for a bit of performance-pushing power, or prefer snaking their way down a canyon like petrol-powered bobsledders. And then there are the guys who find that the greatest pleasure comes from breaking a car down to its bare bones, and then rebuilding it from the ground up. 

This is where some of the greatest innovations in automotive history began
 and where many concepts are born, far from the engineering laboratories of the world’s biggest automakers. Every day, in garages and shops across the country, friends and family members meet-up to have a few beers and turn some wrenches on their project cars.
A project car is typically considered as a vehicle that is purchased inexpensively and needs a bit of love in one form or another. As the auto industry has evolved, so have the DIY guys and aftermarket shops, and nowadays there are entire industries dedicated solely to producing third-party components and accessories.

4. Honda Civic (any generation)


The Civic is one of the greatest and most popular commuter vehicles of all time, and with its lightweight chassis and bottomless engine swap options, it really is an adult-sized Lego kit.  Customization options are endless, as are the amount of aftermarket parts available. Unfortunately, knock-off parts have over-saturated the market, so be sure to go with parts from companies like Hybrid Racing, HeelToe Automotive, J’s Racing, and Cheddas Auto as they are Honda-exclusive companies and offer a dizzying array of quality aftermarket parts for virtually every Honda on the planet.

Source : Sam Becker /Autos Cheat Sheet
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