4. Mazda Miata

mazda miata mx5

How can a small, under-powered roadster develop such a strong following? Well, it’s the engaging and intimate way the car drives, and owners are sure to remind you of this every chance they get. Billed as the happiest and most fun car, like ever, in history, it’s more about the enjoyment of journey than how quickly it’s completed.

Mention that a UPS truck will probably lap a track faster than the MX-5 or that it’s a “girly” car, and an owner is sure to respond that “you don’t get it. It’s not about speed.” The answer is always Miata, right?

3. Subaru Impreza

subaru impreza

Subarus are quirky and their owners are damn proud of it. Almost like an extension of their own counterculture beliefs, Subaru owners wear their hood scoops, big wings and unusual mechanics on their proverbial sleeves as a source of pride. Boxer engines, symmetrical all-wheel drive and off-set headers are hot topics of discussion around the WRX STI crowd who love to modify their rides.

Fast in all road conditions, if a WRX STI does lose a race, an owner is quick to point out that if it were run on snow, dirt or bacon grease, etc., the superior all-wheel-drive Subie would have prevailed.

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