Sport automakers have ascended the auto industry’s ladder to become some of the most popular and consumer friendly in the whole world.

No matter what car you drive, Mercedes, Hyundai, AUDI, Subaru, Honda, Toyota, they all compete for the creation of the perfect small and nimble sports car. Light, fast and agile, these awesome sports cars can show who's the real deal once they set foot on the racing track.

We know you love cars, so here is our list of the fastest for cylinder cars you can buy these days !

5. Volkswagen Golf R / AUDI TTS— 155 mph

“Das auto” now has the ability to surprise even the biggest naysayer with its ferocious appetite for adrenaline. Volkswagen’s Golf R edition, can reach terminal speeds of 155 miles per hour courtesy of a 292 horsepower 2.0-liter motor. Newer variants have more horsepower and capability than older designs, and features like a sharp six-speed gearbox, all-wheel drive, and sport suspension keep enthusiasts and commuters alike happy as this little German machine continues to surge onward.

Audi’s TTS is a sleek little luxury sports car that has the jump on almost anyone who misjudges it. The TTS can hit a top speed of 155 miles per hour, which puts it up there with the previous models from Mercedes and BMW, and it comes with a 2.0-liter inline-four cylinder engine that provides 265 horsepower. The 2015 model is in its ninth year of production though, so it is a tad overdue for a redesign, but who cares?! You’ve got a stupid fast little European rocket ship that will smash almost any muscle car that lines-up next to it!

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