7 common mods that can get you in trouble with the law

Sports cars automakers have ascended the auto industry’s ladder to become some of the most popular and consumer friendly in the whole world. US roads are filled with mainly compact sedans and big bulky pick ups, trucks and SUVs. That's what's mainstream right now in the US, your daily commuter for the average person. A car that would go A to B just fine. But younger generations like us prefer cool cars with a character.

Something that will reflect a part of our personality. A machine that is worth remembering for days to come. Every and each one of us then wants to be a little bid different from the crowd so he customizes his vehicle in a way that will appeal more personal and dear to him.

We each strive to build a car that will turn some heads when driving by ! But be careful though as most mods that we make are illegal according to the law. Here is our top 7 most common mods that can get you in trouble!

Seven Common Mods that can get you in Trouble with the Law

3. Stancing !

stancing subaru

The law states 22 inches from the middle of the head lights to the ground

Low riders are subjected to various state laws regarding vehicle height. In the U.S., low riders, or everyone whose nice car doesn't meet the law requirements of ensuring that there are 22 inches from the middle of the headlights to the ground, are subjected to different state laws and penalties.

Actually, lowriding has earned its bad reputation since the years of gang activity and is still haunted by the ghosts of its past. The issue with stancing is that when the car lays way too low it scrapes the ground, which could cause further complications. An expensive ticket is the least you could get, as the police have also the right to confiscate your lowriding vehicle. Hydrolics suspension is also a tricky one, as while it is prohibite in most cities, in other they are allowed to be used up to 15 mph. Pretty, irrelevant, eh?

stance car

2. Loud exhausts !

loud exhaust tips

90 decibels max / measured from 50 feet

Your sweet Subaru WRX doesn’t need those big tail tubes, and it certainly doesn’t need to be that absurdly loud. An exhaust system can flow extremely well without creating a ton of noise, annoying your neighbors, or attracting local law enforcement.

Most cities have a vaguely worded ban on increasing the noise level. The Police usually doesn't have a way to prove your car is too loud but if they have a mesuarment your car will be banned from the streets, either you are having a ticket ! So it’s important to know your local regulations on this. In Kansas for example, state law requires a muffler to be less than 90 decibels when measured from a distance of 50 feet.

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