Sports cars automakers have ascended the auto industry’s ladder to become some of the most popular and consumer friendly in the whole world.

Us roads are filled with mainly compact sedans and big bulky pick ups, trucks and SUVs. That's what's mainstream right now in the US, your daily commuter for the average person. A car that would go A to B just fine. But younger generations like us prefer cars with a character. Something that will reflect a part of our personality. A machine that is worth remembering for days to come. We decided to organize a list with the seven cars that we think will be the most popular choice for people of our age (20-30) in the following few years !

"9 Cars US Petrol Heads will drive in 2016/17" 

2016 Toyota Supra

400 HP / V6 3.5L Hybrid / 0-60 mph in N/A / Relase 2016

The new 2016 Toyota Supra will certainly be a modern sports car. The magnificently designed headlights will give the car a stylish look and an aggressive demeanor as well. This car is touted to resemble the FT-1 concept in most aspects.

Original Supra was produced and delivered as 1979 model but from 1982 it was redesigned and changed drastically. From 1986 to 1992 it was introduced as third generation model but the 1993 to 1998 was the last generation. Few last models that were delivered deserved iconic status and it was one of the cars that received most attention from many tuners with special and upgraded versions.

The Supra will rest on 19 inch wheels and also high performance tires that are needed for the beast that is under the hood. All indications point towards an improved V-6 engine as the powerplant for the next-generation Supra. A lot of quotes place this engine at concerning 400 horsepower, which would immediately put it according to the upper echelon of its lesson. Don’t be shocked to view a normally aspirated V-6 in a base-model Supra either, much like we viewed in the last-generation Supra. Amongst one of the most appealing attributes that we can find out about 2016 Toyota Supra is the fact that it could include hybrid powertrain and in this situation it could possibly provide from 250 to 400 hp. The seats and the steering wheel will be made out of natural leather, there will be a satellite navigation as criterion that will certainly most likely function Internet connectivity. 2016 Toyota Supra

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