Japanese automakers have ascended the auto industry’s ladder to become some of the most popular and consumer friendly in the whole world.

Honda was the eighth largest auto-mobile manufacturer in the world behind General Motors, Volkswagen Group, Toyota, Hyundai Motor Group, Ford, Nissan, and PSA in 2011.

Hondas are very popular because they are reasonably priced, very durable, have excellent fuel efficiency and are very sport orientated. There is also a sub culture developed by the fans!


160HP /    1.6L / 0-60 mph in 7.10s

The CRX del Sol, known as the Civic del Sol in the USA and the new CRX in Europe (CR-X del-sol until 1995 when the del Sol was dropped in Europe) was first introduced to Japan and Europe in 1992, and North America in 1993 in two trim levels, The S and the SI (The European market came with the Japanese-market SiR (called the VTi in Europe) and the US-market Si (called the ESi in Europe). The base "S" model (called the VXi in Japan from 1992–1994, but after 1995 called the VGi) came with a 1.5 liter SOHC 16-valve four cylinder engine and rode on 13" steel wheels, available only at Honda Verno Japanese dealerships. The Japanese VXi/VGi versions came with a Honda D15B-VTEC engine. This was an entry level VTEC engine that produced 128 bhp (95 kW; 130 PS), matching the power of the 1.6 Si version. Despite the body resemblance to a mid-engined car design, the del Sol shared a front-engined design with the contemporary Honda Civic.

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