Mitsubishi's automotive origins date back to 1917.

The top 9 fastest cars from Mitsubishi are ranked from fastest to slowest based on their 0-60 times. We crunched the numbers from the best estimates of several premier resources, including Motor Trend, Road & Track, Car & Driver and more.
If you happen to roll up next to another Mitsubishi, be sure you know what you're up against.

8. 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Turbo AWD (1G)

HP : 195 / 0-60 mph -  7.0 s / Quarter mile 15.2 s / 143 mph

Eclipse GSX: AWD model equipped with a 180-195 hp* turbocharged 2.0 L 16-valve DOHC 4G63T engine
The 1990 manual transmission turbocharged GST was rated at 190 hp, whereas the 1990 GSX manual turbo was rated at 195 hp (145 kW). This was for the purpose of offsetting the additional weight of the AWD mechanism (approximately 2,930 lbs Vs 2,570 lbs GVW). However, 1991 and later years of both turbo models standardized on the 195 hp version 4G63T. The automatic models were rated at 180 hp (130 kW) due to smaller fuel-injectors and turbocharger.

The first generation Mitsubishi Eclipse was marketed as an entry to mid-level four-cylinder sports coupe. Four trim levels were available: the lowest three were front-wheel drive and the highest was all-wheel drive. The top FWD and the AWD model were equipped with turbocharged engines.

The first generation Eclipse underwent minor styling changes throughout its production; 1992–1994 models have updated sheetmetal and are easily distinguishable from earlier model years. The most notable of these changes is that the 1990-1991 models have pop-up headlights, whereas the later model years do not. The Eclipse was revised for the 1995 model year as the second generation.

The Plymouth Laser model was dropped after the 1994 model year, leaving only the Eclipse and Talon to continue for the second generation.

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