The car is an ongoing process. It is never done ! It will always require new work, new accessories or parts.

When a vehicle eclipses the flesh-and-bone like actors and becomes the superstar of a film or the urban scene —that's when it's a greatcar. There are dozens of memorable cars on film, but to crack the top, a vehicle must influence a generation, inspire car culture, and become the stuff of every kid's dreams. These are our favorites, in no particular order.

#Paul Walker's R34

The GTR was already popular but this made it a dream car !
The second movie franchise, 2 Fast 2 Furious, featured Brian in Miami after doing some running away from California. In order to survive and earn money, he ended up racing and he chose to maintain the Nissan Skyline GT -R R34, which appeared in a number of scenes, and even in the bridge jump race.This Skyline GT-R was given a C-West body kit and finished with a platinum pearl scheme courtesy of House of Kolor. Rounding out the changes were a set of 19" HRE 446 polished wheels inside Toyo Proxes T1-S tires. O’Connor’s fascination for Skylines underscores the model’s reputation in the street racing world as one of the most sought after models on the market.
This is definitely the car that we will remember him with ! 

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