The passion for speed and performance cars is universal, but the passion holds a particular prominence in the three magical words "Power to the people". Over the years, legendary track-burning cars have come from shops bearing the names of Toyota, Nissan, MitsubishiHonda, Dodge, Ford and others. Even Subaru, a brand that goes out of its way to emphasize its family-first vehicles, has delivered a road scorcher or two only worthy of the fast lane. The list is not dominated by one or two brands but instead showcases some of the most recognised cars in the world. Everybody is impressed from these cars , from their amazing engines, and the way they drive . This is the reason why we decided to write this article.
The best 9 Iconic Sport Cars of All Time !

9th place for Lexus IS300

For years people associated Lexus with quiet, refined and luxurious automobiles backed by a competitive pricing strategy. "Sporty," however, was far from anyone's mind. Then, in 2001, the Lexus IS 300 sport sedan came along and toppled that image. Lexus wanted this one to be an extrovert and an athlete. With every throttle input and every turn of the steering wheel, this compact, rear-wheel-drive sedan sought to communicate with its driver. With its firmly tuned suspension and sticky high-performance tires, it had the running gear to back up those aspirations.

It also had the styling. One look at its wedge shape, clear-lens taillights and dramatic color palette, and it was obvious this sedan was intended for a younger, more trend-conscious buyer than other Lexus models. This was our 9th place!

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