Have you been sitting comfortably in your chair looking at videos on the internet with exceptionally fast cars caught on tape ? Here's some more brain food!

We start with this outrageously fast GTR

7.485s down the 1/4 mile? That’s AMS Performance quick.
When it comes to fastest Nissan GT-R’s there’s only one car on the top of that list and right now it’s the Nissan GT-R Alpha Omega under the ownership of AMS Performance out of West Chicago, Illinois. Earlier this week (July 1, 2015) the boys recently took their Alpha Omega R35 GT-R to IHRA Sanctioned Milan Dragway in Michigan and set down thee quickest quarter mile run as far as Nissan GT-R R35’s go. Someone DID catch the second fastest run that day but no one has uploaded the fastest run. Here’s the second fastest run posted below.

video embedded from https://vimeo.com/132398199
heir time? 7.485 seconds at 192.97 MPH. Just to put that in perspective. A stock Nissan GTR with 545 HP and 463 lbs-ft of torque takes about 11.2 seconds to make it down that same distance. To chop that time down another 3.715 seconds, it takes AMS Performance with all their magic another 1,455 HP courtesy of a .5 L bigger billet block, ported heads, upgraded turbos, camshafts, transmission upgrade, bigger throttle bodies etc. The list goes on and on. The cost for all those parts not excluding the labor more than doubles the price of a regular 2015 Nissan GT-R priced at $103,365. All in all according to AMS performance the Alpha Omega costs about $225,000 to make one.

This CRAZY FAST 350Z and DANGEROUS Street Racer Wanna BE

Being an automotive daredevil at ridiculously fast speeds on highways is one of the most irresponsible and dumbest things you can do on the road.

Seriously, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt - or even worse, killed. 

Apparently, few lessons were learned from the tragic story of Giorgi Tevzadze, a gifted Georgian driver, albeit one who disregarded all road rules and more crucially, the safety of other motorists, and who died not behind the wheel, but in the passenger seat when his friend lost control and crashed his BMW M5 E34 in 2013. 

This new YouTube player drives a Nissan 350Z and is believed to be from Brazil having uploaded two videos, one attempting to street drift and the other, weaving through traffic as if playing a racing game with no repercussions, but we all know than in real life, Game Over really means Game Over…. 


Ever wondered what would happen if somebody tried to pull a Dukes of Hazzard reenacting stunt, but swap the General Lee with a Toyota Supra?

The answer to that question is not all that simple, but with a Supra that’s not prepared for offroad action, the result is obviously, a disaster. We know this sounds a bit like an answer to a question nobody asked, but that’s exactly what the video below shows.

With a Supra that’s not prepped, the result will obviously be a disaster, one that may go as far as totaling the car. We’re not sure if this is the case with the Black Supra seen here, but the car is now in need of serious repairs.

Speaking of which, the Dukes of Hazzard Dodge Challenger vehicles featured plenty of reinforcement. Some were more rudimentary than other, as, for example, welding underbody components was one of the tricks used to keep the cars together.

The Supra ended going off the track after the car veered left on a braking section. What was supposed to be a safety area covered in grass turned out to be bumpy terrain. The worst part of it all is that, while the Toyota may have had most of its adventure on grass, it landed right back onto the track, ruining its suspension in the process.


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