The car is an ongoing process. It is never done ! It will always require new work, new accessories or parts.

The last and most important mechanical feature that makes the car grip are the tyres ! By the wrong ones (even if they are new) and you will be facing serious under and over steer and basically the car will never feel that stable. I crashed my first car dew to using cheap tyres, the moment the car contacted a wet surface and the grip was gone so be careful and choose wisely !

The 2015 Auto Express tyre test covers eleven patterns in the popular 225/45 R17 size.  Testing at Continentals test track in Texas, Auto Express used the benchmark 350z to carry out nine thorough tests covering dry and wet performance, along with rolling resistance and cabin noise.

As usual, we don't write too much, instead we encourage you to read the full tyre test on their own website. Full details on the test can be found here, or read on for our summary below.

#3rd: Michelin Pilot Sport 3 PS3 

Total: 747.1 / Dry: 191.6 / Wet: 289.6 / Rolling Resistance: 72.1 / Noise: 95.8 / Overall: 98
Overall: While the Michelin Primacy 3 is a few years old, it still managed a great performance, excelling particularly in the aquaplaning tests where it won both the straight and curved aquaplaning.

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