WRX to Factory five

The Factory Five 818s allows for Subaru owners to make use of parts from their recently wrecked WRX’s and transplant into a tubular framed, composite wrapped, all wheel drive roadster.. The 818 takes the heart from a WRX, as well as several other components, and combines everything to create the open top WRX we never had. And who doesn’t love the brap of Subaru’s boxer four?

Acura/Honda NSX to Lamborghini Diablo

Found on ebay Motors is this...work of art: a Lambo'd-out Acura NSX. Located in Branson, Missouri, this orange Frankenstein can be yours for the low-low price of $49,000. The title is labeled as clear, it's got 94,000 miles on it, and (not surprisingly) there's no warranty. Not exactly our cup of tea, but we've seen much, much worse. Photo gallery after the jump.
By Phil Alex
Link: eBay , Via: Autoblog.com 

And finally The Cherry
Honda Perlude Convert Lamborghini Aventador

source: T3 jalopnik
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