With the new facelifted 2017 Nissan super sports car revealed, Nissan has turned its attention to the Nissan GTR R35's successor that's set to be introduced in 2020 and its path to becoming a part of the luxury sports cars driven by the hybrid technology.

Nissan Confirms New R36 GTR Hybrid
A Nissan executive has finally confirmed an information about the new Nissan GTR R36 and this information is strictly related to the car's engine. Unlike the R35 Nissan which is one of the top used sports cars this time we'll have the aid of a electric engine thus making the GTR a hybrid vehicle ! From the Japanese automaker shared also that the company works very hard to create a GTR with better proportions and more fuel efficient. Nissan executive vice president said that the hybrid technology was beneficial for sports cars. He also dropped pretty clear hints that the new GTR R36 will be a hybrid vehicle because Nissan wants to boost efficiency and performance over its famous cars. Probably most of you are disappointed by the facts, but it's clearly that next generation Godzilla will have a hybrid heart.

"There is an inevitability about electrification of all cars in the future, and there is the very real prospect of enhancements coming from it on a sports car like the Nissan GT-R, he explained. The electric systems can fill in the gaps in the torque curve and offer genuine performance gains, as well as lowering emissions. If the next-generation GT-R has some electrification, nobody would be shocked at that time."

It's not difficult to imagine Nissan taking a similar way as McLaren with its P1, but in acura nsx price range which uses a torquey electric motor to recoup for the lag of its heavily turbocharged V8. It's also worth noting that the GT-Rs main Japanese rival, the Acura NSX, has accepted hybridization enthusiastically.
There are claims that the engineering team from Williams (Formula One) will help develop the system. Williams is already helping develop aero and lightweight construction features for the 2016 GT-R NISMO. From Nissan also says the next GT-R will look moderately different than its predecessor, all in the service of better performance.
There is still a possibility the next GT-R won't be a hybrid, but we'd honestly be surprised if that were the problem.

We'll know all the GTR NISSAN specs for sure in around three years or so, if not sooner.

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